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付款及慈善捐款Payment and donation

1. 甚麼是最低籌款額?


What is the Minimum Donation Amount?

Minimum donation amount is a fund-raising target for each participant. There are different minimum donation amounts for different Categories and Virtual Routes. After deducting costs, all proceeds will go to Orbis’s global sight-restoring initiatives to help combating avoidable blindness and treat sufferers to a fully-sighted future!

2. 主辦單位接受哪些付款方式?

主辦單位只接受以VisaMasterCard信用卡網上繳付報名費及捐款。工商隊如須協助,請電郵至[email protected]或來電2508 7070與劉小姐聯絡

What payment methods will be available?

The Organizer accepts online payment by Visa and MasterCard only. For Corporate Team, please email [email protected]or contact Annie Lau at 2508 7070 for further assistance.

3. 如付款未能成功,我該怎樣做?

請電郵至[email protected]與我們聯絡。

What should I do if I fail to make a payment?

Please email [email protected] for further assistance.

4. 我可以在活動期間或活動完結後進行額外捐款嗎?


Can I make an additional donation during /outside the event period?

Yes, you can make an additional donation by visiting the “DONATE NOW” (please click here) or 'START My Fundraiser' during the event period (from 15 November to 31 December 2021). You may also make an online donation via Orbis Hong Kong website (please click here) to support our work outside the event period.

5. 我可以取得捐款收據嗎? 收據何時發出? 是否直接發給捐款者?


Can I ask for a tax-deductible donation receipt ? If yes, what is the process of doing so?

Donation receipts will be issued and emailed to event participants and sponsors in batches in March 2022.

6. 如我報名後未能參與活動,報名費用可以退還嗎?


Can I get a refund if I cannot participate in the event?

The Organizer regrets that no refund is allowed after successful registration.