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有關奧比斯盲俠行 About Orbis Moonwalkers 

1. 甚麼是「2021奧比斯盲俠行-盲俠敢SEE隊」?

2021奧比斯盲俠行盲俠敢SEE隊」是奧比斯香港舉辦的網上虛擬跑活動,將年度夜行籌款盛會「盲俠行」加入「RPG 角色扮演主題」元素升級回歸,繼續以線上形式為眼疾人士籌款出力,為他們帶來「看得見」的曙光。活動設有三個不同難度的虛擬挑戰距離,讓參加者齊齊化身「盲俠敢SEE隊」成員,以腳力支持奧比斯團隊取得救盲裝備,合力抵抗眼疾鬼怪入侵! 參加者只要戴上智能裝置或安裝跑步APP,即可以跑步或步行方式挑戰路線,將里數轉化為善款,甚至挑戰 Asia Miles 里數大獎,時間地點不設限制!活動更首設支線任務,參加者除了在限期內完成主線的距離挑戰外,更可完成3個支線任務,取得限量版任務襟章!

What is 2021 Orbis Virtual Moonwalkers?

2021 Orbis Virtual Moonwalkers is the virtual run organised by Orbis Hong Kong. This year we add a new element ofRPG themeto the charity run, continuing to bring light to the visually-impaired population in a virtual context. Three virtual challenges of different levels are designed for participants to take on the challenges, allowing participants to team-up as "Sight-restoring Squad". While participants could run/ walk/ hike anytime and anywhere to complete the challenge using running apps and raise-funds, they are at the same time helping to support the Orbis team with their feet to obtain sight-restoring equipment, and work together to resist the invasion of eye diseases ghosts! Participants will have the chance to take home 80,000 Asia Miles upon completing the challenge! Participants could also complete 3 extra bonus missions for a limited edition pin set.

2. 2021奧比斯盲俠行」籌得的款項可以幫助甚麼人?


Who will benefit from 2021 Orbis Virtual Moonwalkers?

The money raised from 2021 Orbis Virtual Moonwalkers will be used to support Orbis’s sight-restoring work worldwide with the purpose to provide medical equipment for the visually impaired population.