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Team NoCategoriesGenderTitleEnglish NameChinese NameTeam NameCompany BackgroundDistance (KM)Time (Hours)Funds RaisedRanking
N001個人 IndividualMaleMrLam C STo be verified
N002個人 IndividualFemaleMsYu Wai KwanTo be verified
N003個人 IndividualFemaleMsHo Suk Kwan何淑筠155h 00mDone
N004個人 IndividualFemaleMsPolly Lau Chi Man145h 00mDone
N005個人 IndividualFemaleMsFiona Chan陳彬芳To be verified
N006個人 IndividualFemaleMsPhyllis Bell WongTo be verified
N007個人 IndividualMaleMrAndy Chau Tsz LangTo be verified
N008個人 IndividualFemaleMsWong Yin ChiDone
N009個人 IndividualMaleMrLam Ping Yuen45.259h 47mDone
N010個人 IndividualFemaleMsAbby Lee8.552h 03mDone
N011個人 IndividualFemaleMsNancy Liu劉嵐Done
N012個人 IndividualFemaleMsYip Yuet Ching9.22h 27mTo be verified
N013個人 IndividualFemaleMsChang Mei Iok曾美玉Done
N014個人 IndividualFemaleMsTam Sau PingTo be verified
N015個人 IndividualFemaleMsEleanor Hui Pui Yiu10.153h 14mDone
N016個人 IndividualFemaleMsFlora Ng Lai KuenDone
N017個人 IndividualFemaleMsClare Lee Shuk Ha李淑霞82h 55mDone
N018個人 IndividualFemaleMsCindy Mok Yuk Lin104h 57mDone
N019個人 IndividualFemaleMsLeung Chau Yuet梁秋月8.34h 17mTo be verified
N020個人 IndividualFemaleMsChu Sui Ying朱瑞英To be verified
N021個人 IndividualMaleMrAlvin Tang Yiu Man21.956h 01mDone
N022個人 IndividualMaleMrNg Ka KuiChow Tai Fook12.24h 25mTo be verified
N023個人 IndividualMaleMrEddie ChanTo be verified
N024個人 IndividualFemaleMsIrene Fong Lai Yung85h 03mDone
N025個人 IndividualFemaleMsTse Yee Wan謝依雲Chow Tai Fook9.762h 27mTo be verified
N026個人 IndividualFemaleMsHu Bijun胡碧君Chow Tai Fook8.842h 37mTo be verified
N027個人 IndividualMaleMrLee Man WaiChow Tai Fook8.562h 10mDone
N028個人 IndividualMaleMrWong Kwai PanChow Tai FookTo be verified
N029個人 IndividualFemaleMsShum Lai Mui岑麗梅Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N030個人 IndividualMaleMrEddie Yuen Ka Fai袁家輝Chow Tai Fook20.14h 27mTo be verified
N031個人 IndividualMaleMrWong Wai Shun黃惠順Chow Tai Fook10.262h 32mTo be verified
N032個人 IndividualFemaleMsYu ShuanghuaChow Tai Fook8.562h 10mTo be verified
N033個人 IndividualMaleMrLo Wai Leung盧偉良Chow Tai Fook16.14h 00mTo be verified
N034個人 IndividualFemaleMsGabbie GadiTo be verified
N035個人 IndividualFemaleMsKwok Kwai TinChow Tai FookTo be verified
N036個人 IndividualFemaleMsLau Wai SuetChow Tai FookTo be verified
N037個人 IndividualFemaleMsVeronica SouthgateCrown WorldwideDone
N038個人 IndividualFemaleMsKaren LoCrown WorldwideDone
N039個人 IndividualFemaleMsWendy Lam林詠詩Crown WorldwideDone
N040個人 IndividualFemaleMsNicole ChanCrown WorldwideDone
N041個人 IndividualFemaleMsNovia Cheng Yuk ChunCrown WorldwideDone
N042個人 IndividualFemaleMsCheung Yu FeiCrown WorldwideTo be verified
N043個人 IndividualFemaleMsWinnie Tse Man Ching謝文青82h 59mDone
N044個人 IndividualFemaleMsWong Mei HaChow Tai FookDone
N045個人 IndividualFemaleMsWong Ling Ngan黃凌雁8.44h 17mDone
N046個人 IndividualFemaleMsAda Koo May Wah古美華To be verified
N047個人 IndividualMaleMrChristopher YukGoldman SachsTo be verified
N048個人 IndividualFemaleMsNg Wing YanTo be verified
N049個人 IndividualMaleMrGeorge AdkinsonDone
N050個人 IndividualMaleMrBryan Chui Hon Tak徐漢德Done
N051個人 IndividualFemaleMsHo Mei LamChow Tai FookTo be verified
N052個人 IndividualFemaleMsSin Lai Yung冼麗榕Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N053個人 IndividualMaleMrTsoi Chun Kiu蔡俊翹To be verified
N054個人 IndividualMaleMrChow Kin Wa周健華Chow Tai Fook17.764h 48mTo be verified
N055個人 IndividualFemaleMsKelly Lau劉育芬Chow Tai FookDone
N056個人 IndividualMaleMrDavid Cheng Wai KeungSPHC's ColleagueTo be verified
N057個人 IndividualFemaleMsCheung Wai LingChow Tai FookTo be verified
N058個人 IndividualFemaleMsWong So WanChow Tai FookTo be verified
N059個人 IndividualMaleMrYuen Lung Hon阮龍翰Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N060個人 IndividualFemaleMsYuen Chui Shan袁翠珊Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N061個人 IndividualFemaleMsNg Wan PingChow Tai FookTo be verified
N062個人 IndividualFemaleMsChau Lee周莉Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N063個人 IndividualFemaleMsCao Qianqian曹茜茜Chow Tai Fook8.882h 10mTo be verified
N064個人 IndividualMaleMrLeung Kam Wah梁錦華Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N065個人 IndividualFemaleMsYip Kai KwaiTo be verified
N066個人 IndividualMaleMrLam Kin WingCrown WorldwideDone
N067個人 IndividualFemaleMsLin Pui KiChow Tai Fook82h 38mTo be verified
N068個人 IndividualMaleMrAlex Wong Tang王騰Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N069個人 IndividualFemaleMsNgai Hung魏虹133h 22mTo be verified
N070個人 IndividualMaleMrFong Sheung Fu方雙富Chow Tai Fook9.362h 04mTo be verified
N071個人 IndividualFemaleMsCheng Wai Fai鄭慧輝Chow Tai Fook14.193h 45mTo be verified
N072個人 IndividualMaleMrTang Pak KeiCrown WorldwideTo be verified
N073個人 IndividualFemaleMsAu FelingCrown Worldwide11.545h 35mDone
N074個人 IndividualFemaleMsClara Lam Shui Chi82h 40mDone
N075個人 IndividualFemaleMsPo Man ChiCrown Worldwide155h 34mDone
N076個人 IndividualFemaleMsTo Yuk LanChow Tai FookTo be verified
N077個人 IndividualMaleMrYan Kwok Keung甄國強Done
N078個人 IndividualMaleMrWong Kin WahCrown Worldwide81h 50mDone
N079個人 IndividualFemaleMsLam Chun Mui林春梅Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N080個人 IndividualMaleMrCheung Chun KwanCrown Worldwide50.5211h 31mDone
N081個人 IndividualMaleMrTravis ShumCrown Worldwide10.235h 19m
N082個人 IndividualFemaleMsJudy WuChow Tai Fook11.276h 10mTo be verified
N083個人 IndividualFemaleMsLam Sau HaChow Tai Fook8.832h 21mTo be verified
N084個人 IndividualFemaleMsChan Sao PengChow Tai FookTo be verified
N085個人 IndividualMaleMrLeung SamChow Tai FookTo be verified
N086個人 IndividualMaleMrLau KenjiChow Tai FookTo be verified
N087個人 IndividualFemaleMsKoo Yuk Siu古玉笑Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N088個人 IndividualFemaleMsYuen Fung Chu袁鳳珠Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N089個人 IndividualFemaleMsHo Mei Na何美娜8.60h 02mTo be verified
N090個人 IndividualFemaleMsChow Siu Ching周少青Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N091個人 IndividualFemaleMsMaggie Ma Po MingDone
N092個人 IndividualFemaleMsMichelle ZhuChow Tai FookTo be verified
N093個人 IndividualFemaleMsHui Sau Lai92h 33mDone
N094個人 IndividualFemaleMsElaine Lo21.094h 03mTo be verified
N095個人 IndividualMaleMrMan Yu Ho文汝豪92h 23mTo be verified
N096個人 IndividualFemaleMsLai Kit MeiCrown WorldwideDone
N097個人 IndividualFemaleMsNikki NgChow Tai FookDone
N098個人 IndividualMaleMrWong Kwun Hin黃觀獻Chow Tai Fook8.142h 00mDone
N099個人 IndividualFemaleMsYang WeiChow Tai FookTo be verified
N100個人 IndividualFemaleMsCandy Wan尹紅Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N101個人 IndividualFemaleMsLam Siu Man林少敏Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N102個人 IndividualFemaleMsLuk Wah YanChow Tai Fook8.493h 02mTo be verified
N103個人 IndividualMaleMrAndy CheungCrown WorldwideDone
N104個人 IndividualMaleMrCheng Tin Shing鄭天勝Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N105個人 IndividualFemaleMsWong So WanChow Tai Fook9.093h 34mTo be verified
N106個人 IndividualFemaleMsLi Kam ha李錦霞Chow Tai Fook9.323h 44mTo be verified
N107個人 IndividualMaleMrYeung Wai Kim楊偉儉Chow Tai Fook10.23h 39mTo be verified
N108個人 IndividualFemaleMsYeung Ching Mui楊青梅Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N109個人 IndividualFemaleMsChow Siu ChingChow Tai FookTo be verified
N110個人 IndividualFemaleMsTo Yuk LanChow Tai FookTo be verified
N111個人 IndividualFemaleMrsPansy Lai Ho Ka ManChow Tai Fook9.033h 24mTo be verified
N112個人 IndividualMaleMrLai Wing DikChow Tai Fook10.553h 21mTo be verified
N113個人 IndividualFemaleMsChau Hung Wun周慶媛Chow Tai Fook59.744h 49mTo be verified
N114個人 IndividualFemaleMsLi Xiaoju李曉菊Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N115個人 IndividualMaleMrChan Cheong YiuTo be verified
N116個人 IndividualMaleMrTsang Wai KitChow Tai Fook12.385h 13mTo be verified
N117個人 IndividualMaleMrIp Kin PiuChow Tai Fook12.615h 15mTo be verified
N118個人 IndividualFemaleMsAu Yeung MuiChow Tai FookTo be verified
N119個人 IndividualFemaleMsCheng Mui Fong鄭梅芳Chow Tai Fook12.154h 30mTo be verified
N120個人 IndividualFemaleMsMok Siu Wa莫少華Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N121個人 IndividualFemaleMsChow Hoi Yan周凱恩To be verified
N122個人 IndividualMaleMrMan Fu YuenChow Tai FookTo be verified
N123個人 IndividualFemaleMsLai Wai MeiChow Tai FookTo be verified
N124個人 IndividualFemaleMsKwok Kwai Tin郭桂鈿Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N125個人 IndividualMaleMrChong Tik Sang莊迪生Chow Tai Fook12.275h 00mTo be verified
N126個人 IndividualFemaleMsKu Miu Ying古妙映Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N127個人 IndividualFemaleMsChong Lai Kuen莊麗娟Chow Tai FookDone
N128個人 IndividualFemaleMsDai Fangfang戴芳芳Chow Tai Fook13.64h 13mTo be verified
N129個人 IndividualFemaleMsChung Lan Ying鍾蘭英Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N130個人 IndividualFemaleMsMichelle LeungCrown WorldwideDone
N131個人 IndividualFemaleMsAu Sze Man歐思敏13.546h 11mTo be verified
N132個人 IndividualFemaleMsCherry Ng吳焯麗To be verified
N133個人 IndividualFemaleMsTing Wing Yan丁穎恩Chow Tai Fook32.375h 13mTo be verified
N134個人 IndividualMaleMrLam Ka PoChow Tai FookTo be verified
N135個人 IndividualMaleMrHui Chung KeiTo be verified
N136個人 IndividualFemaleMsHui Man Nei許敏妮8.414h 49mDone
N137個人 IndividualFemaleMsYip Pui Yee葉配儀Chow Tai Fook123h 00mTo be verified
N138個人 IndividualFemaleMsCindy LamDone
N139個人 IndividualMaleMrCheung Chin Fung張展峰Chow Tai Fook10.261h 48mTo be verified
N140個人 IndividualFemaleMsWendy LeeDone
N141個人 IndividualFemaleMsChristy PangCrown WorldwideDone
N142個人 IndividualFemaleMsKwong Sai Fun鄺世芬8.227h 42mDone
N143個人 IndividualMaleMrMatthew Wong黃錦成LUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N144個人 IndividualFemaleMsWendy HoLUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N145個人 IndividualMaleMrKenny ChanLUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N146個人 IndividualFemaleMsPiann Chan Hau Lam陳巧霖LUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N147個人 IndividualFemaleMsCindy Lau劉志英LUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N148個人 IndividualFemaleMsSilvia Tam譚玉青LUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N149個人 IndividualFemaleMsDorothy ChanLUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N150個人 IndividualFemaleMsSusanna ChanLUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N151個人 IndividualMaleMrAlex LaiLUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N152個人 IndividualFemaleMsJodie ChanLUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N153個人 IndividualFemaleMsRebecca Chan陳美和LUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N154個人 IndividualMaleMrLawrence LeungLUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N155個人 IndividualFemaleMsJane TangLUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N156個人 IndividualMaleMrWong KaiLUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N157個人 IndividualMaleMrKofi YipLUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N158個人 IndividualFemaleMsHailey ChanLUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N159個人 IndividualMaleMrJenemy Man馬庭熙LUA & LUAF12.43h 00mDone
N160個人 IndividualMaleMrRaymond WongLUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N161個人 IndividualMaleMrKent Law羅永健LUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N162個人 IndividualMaleMrDavey Lee李冠群LUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N163個人 IndividualMaleMrStephen KoLUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N164個人 IndividualMaleMrThomas ChanLUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N165個人 IndividualFemaleMsCarol TseLUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N166個人 IndividualFemaleMsTenny Chan陳泰麗LUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N167個人 IndividualFemaleMsCarrie ChanLUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N168個人 IndividualFemaleMsMay KeungLUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N169個人 IndividualFemaleMsTeresa YuenLUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N170個人 IndividualFemaleMsRain LauLUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N171個人 IndividualMaleDrEdwards ChangLUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N172個人 IndividualFemaleMsApple LiLUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N173個人 IndividualMaleMrPeter FanLUA & LUAF10.33h 00mDone
N174個人 IndividualMaleMrChu Wing Cheung朱永昌84h 14mTo be verified
N175個人 IndividualMaleMrAdrian Matthew AwTo be verified
N176個人 IndividualFemaleMsLai Ka YeeTo be verified
N177個人 IndividualMaleMrChow Chi Keung135h 55mDone
N178個人 IndividualMaleMrGil GadiTo be verified
N179個人 IndividualMaleMrRicky ChanTo be verified
N180個人 IndividualFemaleMsHelen LimTo be verified
N181個人 IndividualMaleMrSimon Yau Chung Chun邱松峻216h 12mDone
N182個人 IndividualFemaleMrsRebecca Yung容蔡美碧9.13h 00mDone
N183個人 IndividualMaleMrChan Kin Leung陳健良Done
N184個人 IndividualFemaleMsTracy Lau Sau Lin劉秀蓮8.782h 29mDone
N185個人 IndividualMaleMrSiew San Yuen蕭伸源Chow Tai Fook12.633h 00mTo be verified
N186個人 IndividualMaleMrPaulus CheungMedicom15.12h 26mDone
N187個人 IndividualFemaleMsCarol YipMedicom11.53h 55mDone
N188個人 IndividualMaleMrVincent LaiMedicom8.93h 11mDone
N189個人 IndividualMaleMrAngus YipMedicom8.572h 24mDone
N190個人 IndividualFemaleMsAgnes Lau劉穎怡Chow Tai Fook13.943h 22mTo be verified
N191個人 IndividualMaleMrAnson KwongChow Tai FookTo be verified
N192個人 IndividualMaleMrRichard Gee9.432h 10mDone
N193個人 IndividualFemaleMsSarah Ng812h 00mTo be verified
N194個人 IndividualMaleMrKwong Chi Hei鄺枳曦Chow Tai FookTo be verified
N195個人 IndividualFemaleMsJessica Hon Wai Shan韓慧珊21.511h 00mDone
N196個人 IndividualFemaleMsOlivia Wong Yun Kam王潤金To be verified
N197個人 IndividualFemaleMsLo Wing Sze11.83h 00mTo be verified
N198個人 IndividualMaleMrChan Hon Pak陳漢白Ricacorp PropertiesDone
N199個人 IndividualFemaleMsChiu Pui Ching招佩貞Ricacorp PropertiesDone
N200個人 IndividualMaleMrCheng Yu San鄭宇新To be verified
N201個人 IndividualMaleMrKester Ng Ming LokTo be verified
N202個人 IndividualFemaleMsCheuk Lanbo15.392h 28mDone
N203個人 IndividualFemaleMsAnson Yeung LokCrown Worldwide9.42h 43mTo be verified
N204個人 IndividualFemaleMsMandy MukCrown WorldwideTo be verified
N205個人 IndividualMaleMrTony Chang54.8610h 29mTo be verified
N206個人 IndividualMaleMrYu Yik LuiRicacorp Properties16.365h 03mDone
N207個人 IndividualFemaleMsChow Chui YinDone
N208個人 IndividualFemaleMsWinnie LaiCrown WorldwideTo be verified
N209個人 IndividualMaleMrJim ThompsonCrown WorldwideDone
N210個人 IndividualFemaleMsSally ThompsonCrown WorldwideTo be verified
N211個人 IndividualFemaleMsAngel PoonCrown WorldwideTo be verified
N212個人 IndividualMaleMrWong Siu Ming黃少明To be verified
N213個人 IndividualMaleMrPeter ShayDone
N214個人 IndividualMaleMrDeepak KumarTo be verified
N215個人 IndividualMaleMrMichael Cheung Man Sing張文聲Done
N216個人 IndividualMaleMrChan Muk Kwong陳木光SPHC's ColleagueDone
N217個人 IndividualMaleMrWayne LeeSPHC's Colleague61h 00mDone
N218個人 IndividualFemaleMsChan Yuet KanTo be verified
N219個人 IndividualMaleMrYeung Cheuk OnTo be verified
N220個人 IndividualFemaleMsJoanna Pang Wai MingTo be verified
N221個人 IndividualFemaleMsWong Wai Kwan84h 05mDone
N222個人 IndividualFemaleMsWong Hon PingDone
N223個人 IndividualFemaleMsLeung Sau Ying梁秀英Done
N224個人 IndividualMaleMrTong Cheuk Nam唐卓南SPHC's ColleagueDone
N225個人 IndividualMaleMrLeung Kin LongSPHC's ColleagueDone
N226個人 IndividualFemaleMsShirley Wong Ching Fan王靜芬Done
N227個人 IndividualMaleMrMatthew MiddleditchHerriesDone
N228個人 IndividualMaleMrRobert HerriesHerriesDone
N229個人 IndividualMaleMrJohn KnoxHerriesDone
N230個人 IndividualMaleMrHugh GrahamHerriesDone
N231個人 IndividualMaleMrRory MacAlpineHerriesDone
N232個人 IndividualFemaleMsJenny MacAlpineHerriesDone
N233個人 IndividualFemaleMsEvelyn FergussonHerriesDone
N234個人 IndividualMaleMrBruce Richard IngramHerriesDone
N235個人 IndividualFemaleMsQueenie Leung Man Yiu梁文瑤Done
T001隊伍 TeamMaleMrProsper LeeVentis13.82h 31mTo be verified
T001隊伍 TeamFemaleMsSherry HuiVentis13.82h 31mTo be verified
T002隊伍 TeamFemaleMsTong Yuk LingVCPT15.035h 01mDone
T002隊伍 TeamMaleMrChan Wing SengVCPT15.035h 01mDone
T003隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChan Hoi Yan我們這一家To be verified
T003隊伍 TeamMaleMrTse Hoi Kin我們這一家To be verified
T004隊伍 TeamMaleMrFerdinand Tsang中大小薯Done
T004隊伍 TeamMaleMrKelvin Yeung中大小薯Done
T005隊伍 TeamMaleMrVincent Li李耀輝VS小組Done
T005隊伍 TeamMaleMrSe Chi ShingVS小組Done
T006隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLok Yuk Wah駱玉華華安健行Done
T006隊伍 TeamMaleMrLam Sai On林世安華安健行Done
T007隊伍 TeamFemaleMsMarine Mok松善悠行104h 57mDone
T007隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLau Ngan Yin劉雁燕松善悠行104h 57mDone
T008隊伍 TeamFemaleMsWong Lai Lai黄麗麗Kenny teamDone
T008隊伍 TeamMaleMrLeung Pui Kin梁培堅Kenny teamDone
T009隊伍 TeamFemaleMsFelice WongPhyl-E-TentDone
T009隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLau Ka WaiPhyl-E-TentDone
T010隊伍 TeamMaleMrMaurice WongTeam ME - Maurice & EmilyCrown Worldwide11.013h 09mDone
T010隊伍 TeamFemaleMsEmily ChowTeam ME - Maurice & EmilyCrown Worldwide11.013h 09mDone
T011隊伍 TeamMaleMrLor Pak Yiu柏son隊To be verified
T011隊伍 TeamMaleMrAidan Lor Ching Fung柏son隊To be verified
T012隊伍 TeamFemaleMsJillian YeJJGoldman SachsTo be verified
T012隊伍 TeamFemaleMsJudy ZhuJJGoldman SachsTo be verified
T013隊伍 TeamFemaleMsAlyssa LeeWolf WarriorsGoldman SachsTo be verified
T013隊伍 TeamMaleMrDavid ChenWolf WarriorsGoldman SachsTo be verified
T014隊伍 TeamFemaleMsCheung Shu Wing張書詠UPand Down 齊上齊落To be verified
T014隊伍 TeamFemaleMsWong Yung Pui王容珮UPand Down 齊上齊落To be verified
T015隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLee Lut LamEunisTo be verified
T015隊伍 TeamFemaleMsFung Ka YinEunisTo be verified
T016隊伍 TeamMaleMrCheung Chin To張展陶天行者Done
T016隊伍 TeamMaleMrCheung Wai Kei張偉基天行者To be verified
T017隊伍 TeamFemaleMsMargaret MoGS HikersGoldman SachsTo be verified
T017隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLorraine LoGS HikersGoldman SachsTo be verified
T018隊伍 TeamMaleMrChintan BhandariBlister BrothersGoldman SachsTo be verified
T018隊伍 TeamMaleMrKunal ShahBlister BrothersGoldman SachsTo be verified
T019隊伍 TeamMaleMrChan Ka Wai9米Chow Tai Fook8.872h 37mTo be verified
T019隊伍 TeamFemaleMsAu Wing Chung歐穎聰9米Chow Tai Fook8.872h 37mTo be verified
T020隊伍 TeamMaleMrEdward SandersonMeetwardGoldman SachsTo be verified
T020隊伍 TeamMaleMrMeet ShroffMeetwardGoldman SachsTo be verified
T021隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChan Man Sze陳文思DOUBLE·E26.117h 10mDone
T021隊伍 TeamMaleMrLeung Chi Wah梁志華DOUBLE·E26.117h 10mDone
T022隊伍 TeamFemaleMsMargaret ChingElite groupGoldman Sachs11.93h 02mDone
T022隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLinda FuElite groupGoldman Sachs11.93h 02mDone
T023隊伍 TeamFemaleMsCatherine ChauThe Sheri ChauGoldman SachsTo be verified
T023隊伍 TeamFemaleMsSherihan Abd El RahmanThe Sheri ChauGoldman SachsTo be verified
T024隊伍 TeamMaleMrCraig CrossmanInternal AltitudeGoldman SachsDone
T024隊伍 TeamFemaleMsVania ChuInternal AltitudeGoldman SachsDone
T025隊伍 TeamMaleMrMatthew KeenenM.Y. HikeGoldman SachsTo be verified
T025隊伍 TeamFemaleMsYolanda LeeM.Y. HikeGoldman SachsTo be verified
T026隊伍 TeamFemaleMsMa Xiao馬驍Team GS OrientGoldman SachsDone
T026隊伍 TeamMaleMrKenneth HuiTeam GS OrientGoldman SachsDone
T027隊伍 TeamMaleMrLucas De OlaranMind the Gap RiskGoldman SachsTo be verified
T027隊伍 TeamFemaleMsFanny GrichyMind the Gap RiskGoldman SachsTo be verified
T028隊伍 TeamMaleMrShinya MonnoShiny ShoesGoldman SachsTo be verified
T028隊伍 TeamMaleMrShubhroparno HalderShiny ShoesGoldman SachsTo be verified
T029隊伍 TeamMaleMrLau Wai Lun劉偉倫周大福愛心義工隊Chow Tai FookTo be verified
T029隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChow Ka Yan周家欣周大福愛心義工隊Chow Tai FookTo be verified
T030隊伍 TeamFemaleMsTang Wai Han鄧慧嫻芳踪Done
T030隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChan Hoi Yan陳凱欣芳踪Done
T031隊伍 TeamFemaleMsFrances LuoSPYGirlsGoldman SachsTo be verified
T031隊伍 TeamFemaleMsAddison ZhangSPYGirlsGoldman SachsTo be verified
T032隊伍 TeamMaleMrChan Chin Ho陳展顥Crown Records Management 1Crown Worldwide11.63h 36mDone
T032隊伍 TeamMaleMrLee Ka Hin李珈軒Crown Records Management 1Crown Worldwide11.63h 36mDone
T033隊伍 TeamFemaleMsWong Wai Hang黃慧嫻Crown Records Management 2Crown Worldwide11.43h 33mDone
T033隊伍 TeamFemaleMsKong Ying孔穎Crown Records Management 2Crown Worldwide11.43h 33mDone
T034隊伍 TeamFemaleMsAu Wing Sze區詠詩Crown Records Management 3Crown Worldwide11.333h 32mDone
T034隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLee Wai Ki李慧琪Crown Records Management 3Crown Worldwide11.333h 32mDone
T035隊伍 TeamMaleMrTsoi Hok Lai蔡學禮Crown Records Management 4Crown Worldwide10.63h 23mDone
T035隊伍 TeamMaleMrWong Wai Cheong王偉昌Crown Records Management 4Crown Worldwide10.63h 23mDone
T036隊伍 TeamMaleMrChan Kwong Yue陳廣豫Crown Records Management 5Crown Worldwide8.82h 58mDone
T036隊伍 TeamMaleMrChan Kin Yeung陳健揚Crown Records Management 5Crown Worldwide8.82h 58mDone
T037隊伍 TeamFemaleMsAmelia Leung Lai TingWaJh Team185h 00mTo be verified
T037隊伍 TeamMaleMrJeffrey KwokWaJh TeamTo be verified
T038隊伍 TeamFemaleMsNatalin SeahLet's GO!Goldman SachsDone
T038隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChua Sin KuanLet's GO!Goldman SachsDone
T039隊伍 TeamMaleMrCan Lui貓山王3.971h 37mTo be verified
T039隊伍 TeamFemaleMsCharlotte Sung貓山王3.971h 37mTo be verified
T040隊伍 TeamFemaleMsMorgan ZeeColumbia LionessThe Columbia University Alumni Association of Hong Kong8.24h 30mDone
T040隊伍 TeamFemaleMsShirley HsuColumbia LionessThe Columbia University Alumni Association of Hong Kong8.24h 30mDone
T041隊伍 TeamFemaleMsFung Cheuk Yiu馮焯堯We are familyChow Tai Fook8.112h 29mTo be verified
T041隊伍 TeamMaleMrFung King Chau馮敬秋We are familyChow Tai Fook8.112h 29mTo be verified
T042隊伍 TeamFemaleMsPeggy Chan Pui Ki陳貝琪Gloria Peggy Smarty(GPS)Done
T042隊伍 TeamFemaleMsYau Wing Yi邱穎怡Gloria Peggy Smarty(GPS)Done
T043隊伍 TeamFemaleMsTang Lai Na鄧麗娜友誼隊Chow Tai FookTo be verified
T043隊伍 TeamFemaleMsShi Jinhui友誼隊Chow Tai FookTo be verified
T044隊伍 TeamFemaleMsJosephine LawJoJo Joking TeamCrown WorldwideDone
T044隊伍 TeamFemaleMsMondy YimJoJo Joking TeamCrown WorldwideDone
T045隊伍 TeamFemaleMsRachel MakJosephine LawCrown WorldwideDone
T045隊伍 TeamFemaleMsJoephine LawJosephine LawCrown WorldwideDone
T046隊伍 TeamFemaleMsYoyo FokFighting HKersTo be verified
T046隊伍 TeamFemaleMsCinderella FungFighting HKersTo be verified
T047隊伍 TeamFemaleMsHanfei LiGirLGoldman Sachs8.032h 35mTo be verified
T047隊伍 TeamFemaleMsWeiwei GuoGirLGoldman Sachs8.032h 35mTo be verified
T048隊伍 TeamFemaleMsKristin KwokDuffy FamilyDone
T048隊伍 TeamMaleMrRonald YeungDuffy FamilyDone
T049隊伍 TeamMaleMrJerry Shenone deltaGoldman SachsTo be verified
T049隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLynn Zhangone deltaGoldman SachsTo be verified
T050隊伍 TeamFemaleMsTina Ho何夏芳二人行Chow Tai FookTo be verified
T050隊伍 TeamFemaleMsMak Chi Kin麥志堅二人行Chow Tai FookTo be verified
T051隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLau Pui Ting劉佩婷劉前鬥後Chow Tai FookTo be verified
T051隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChan Shuk Man陳淑雯劉前鬥後Chow Tai FookTo be verified
T052隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLok Lai Hing駱麗卿輕鬆行山隊Done
T052隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChau Fung Shim周鳳嬋輕鬆行山隊Done
T053隊伍 TeamFemaleMsTang Yee Yan鄧以欣Double Y12.753h 44mDone
T053隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLau Wing Yin劉詠賢Double Y12.753h 44mDone
T054隊伍 TeamFemaleMsAnnis YeungAvengersA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.Done
T054隊伍 TeamMaleMrDavide SilipoAvengersA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.Done
T055隊伍 TeamFemaleMsMay LawPower RangersA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.13.664h 21mDone
T055隊伍 TeamFemaleMsXenia YungPower RangersA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.13.664h 21mDone
T056隊伍 TeamFemaleMsCatherine Choy雙妹嘜Chow Tai Fook18.076h 56mTo be verified
T056隊伍 TeamFemaleMsUna Peng雙妹嘜Chow Tai Fook18.076h 56mTo be verified
T057隊伍 TeamFemaleMsJackie HungSmall Acts Hong KongDone
T057隊伍 TeamFemaleMsSarah LeongSmall Acts Hong KongDone
T058隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLuk Wing YanKsixChow Tai Fook11.042h 05mTo be verified
T058隊伍 TeamFemaleMsCheung Ka LaiKsixChow Tai Fook11.042h 05mTo be verified
T059隊伍 TeamFemaleMsJanie HoPVZDone
T059隊伍 TeamMaleMrCheung Yat Hei蔣日希PVZDone
T060隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLily Lam Wai Hing林惠卿恆青登山A隊10.864h 17mTo be verified
T060隊伍 TeamMaleMrPeter Leung Chi Hang梁知行恆青登山A隊10.864h 17mTo be verified
T061隊伍 TeamMaleMrMickey Chung Wai Kit鍾偉傑恆青登山B隊10.084h 16mTo be verified
T061隊伍 TeamMaleMrAnthony Wong Wai Keung黃偉強恆青登山B隊10.084h 16mTo be verified
T062隊伍 TeamMaleMrMak Pak Tsun大手拉小手To be verified
T062隊伍 TeamFemaleMsYip Yin Ling大手拉小手To be verified
T063隊伍 TeamMaleMrCanute DalmasseTurtlesGoldman SachsTo be verified
T063隊伍 TeamMaleMrAlexandre ReinertTurtlesGoldman SachsTo be verified
T064隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChristina MaNever StopGoldman SachsTo be verified
T064隊伍 TeamFemaleMsQjao NaNever StopGoldman SachsTo be verified
T065隊伍 TeamMaleMrSean NavinLG3Goldman SachsTo be verified
T065隊伍 TeamMaleMrMatthew MasonLG3Goldman SachsTo be verified
T066隊伍 TeamMaleMrDaniel TooleCurious GeorgeGoldman SachsTo be verified
T066隊伍 TeamMaleMrJames ParkCurious GeorgeGoldman SachsTo be verified
T067隊伍 TeamMaleMrHo Wai KaiSHKP Team 2Sun Hung Kai Properties17.394h 21mDone
T067隊伍 TeamMaleMrHo Chi MingSHKP Team 2Sun Hung Kai Properties17.394h 21mDone
T068隊伍 TeamMaleMrHe Shichen豬隊友9.172h 18mTo be verified
T068隊伍 TeamFemaleMsAriel Huang豬隊友9.172h 18mTo be verified
T069隊伍 TeamFemaleMsHo Wing ManYCKCCDone
T069隊伍 TeamFemaleMsWong Kwai HaYCKCCDone
T070隊伍 TeamFemaleMsGlenda KoSmall acts (Glenda, Mandy)Small Acts HKDone
T070隊伍 TeamFemaleMsMandu WongSmall acts (Glenda, Mandy)Small Acts HKDone
T071隊伍 TeamMaleMrTerence Cheung Man ChiuSHKP Team 1Sun Hung Kai Properties18.544h 21mDone
T071隊伍 TeamMaleMrKen Ho Fung SangSHKP Team 1Sun Hung Kai Properties18.544h 21mDone
T072隊伍 TeamMaleMrLeung Chun WingJD Play Group10.293h 10mDone
T072隊伍 TeamFemaleMsJanis Kan Chi ChunJD Play Group10.293h 10mDone
T073隊伍 TeamMaleMrDennis Cheng Pak ToCCB Team 1China Construction Bank45.567h 39mDone
T073隊伍 TeamMaleMrDarren Li Tak WahCCB Team 1China Construction Bank45.567h 39mDone
T074隊伍 TeamFemaleMsCarol ChiuSmall Acts (Carol & Linda)To be verified
T074隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLinda CheungSmall Acts (Carol & Linda)To be verified
T075隊伍 TeamFemaleMsKaren WongSmall Acts (Karen & Sylvia)Done
T075隊伍 TeamFemaleMsSylvia PakSmall Acts (Karen & Sylvia)Done
T076隊伍 TeamMaleMrMiu Hin KiuCCB Team 2China Construction Bank6.565h 05mDone
T076隊伍 TeamMaleMrTony ChanCCB Team 2China Construction Bank6.565h 05mDone
T077隊伍 TeamMaleMrZhong TianTianTo be verified
T077隊伍 TeamFemaleMsMelissa TianTianTo be verified
T078隊伍 TeamMaleMrRick AdkinsonPCL 1Private Capital15.55h 03mDone
T078隊伍 TeamMaleMrRonald TaylorPCL 1Private Capital15.55h 03mDone
T079隊伍 TeamMaleMrGeorge AdkinsonPCL 2Private Capital15.55h 03mDone
T079隊伍 TeamMaleMrJason CarmichaelPCL 2Private Capital15.55h 03mDone
T080隊伍 TeamMaleMrToby CheungMedicom - Team 1A. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.9.81h 57mDone
T080隊伍 TeamMaleMrVil LoMedicom - Team 1A. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.9.81h 57mDone
T081隊伍 TeamMaleMrWilson LoMedicom - MDC Lo Lai TeamA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.10.51h 40mDone
T081隊伍 TeamMaleMrIssac LaiMedicom - MDC Lo Lai TeamA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.10.51h 40mDone
T082隊伍 TeamMaleMrTommy TsangMedicom - MSD TeamA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.10.72h 32mDone
T082隊伍 TeamMaleMrNg Ka LunMedicom - MSD TeamA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.10.72h 32mDone
T083隊伍 TeamMaleMrJoe KwongMedicom - MDC SingYing TeamA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.9.782h 19mDone
T083隊伍 TeamFemaleMsCheung On OnMedicom - MDC SingYing TeamA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.9.782h 19mDone
T084隊伍 TeamFemaleMsTse Fung YiMedicom - MDC LinYin TeamA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.10.272h 31mDone
T084隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChan Oi LinMedicom - MDC LinYin TeamA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.10.272h 31mDone
T085隊伍 TeamMaleMrChan ChungMedicom - MDC Team 1A. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.9.111h 54mDone
T085隊伍 TeamMaleMrYuen Tze MingMedicom - MDC Team 1A. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.9.111h 54mDone
T086隊伍 TeamFemaleMsFlorence ChanMedicom - MDC Team 2A. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.10.272h 31mDone
T086隊伍 TeamFemaleMsTang Ka WaiMedicom - MDC Team 2A. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.10.272h 31mDone
T087隊伍 TeamFemaleMsAgnes Li李諾雯Small Acts (Agnes & Judy)Small Acts HKDone
T087隊伍 TeamFemaleMsJudy Lin林宏珠Small Acts (Agnes & Judy)Small Acts HKDone
T088隊伍 TeamMaleMrWong How BunDreamoreTo be verified
T088隊伍 TeamMaleMrCheng Tsz KinDreamoreTo be verified
T089隊伍 TeamMaleMrTim TseSmall Acts (Tim & Godfrey)Small Acts HK8.254h 45mDone
T089隊伍 TeamMaleMrGodfrey TseSmall Acts (Tim & Godfrey)Small Acts HK8.254h 45mDone
T090隊伍 TeamMaleMrToby LeungMedicom - Di-To TeamA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.11.494h 04mDone
T090隊伍 TeamFemaleMsDiana LiuMedicom - Di-To TeamA. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.11.494h 04mDone
T091隊伍 TeamMaleMrKevin ChiuM633Done
T091隊伍 TeamFemaleMsIrene KwanM633Done
T092隊伍 TeamFemaleMsMok Ka ManTONG 1SPHC's familyDone
T092隊伍 TeamFemaleMsJacky Tong Wai Man湯惠文TONG 1SPHCDone
T093隊伍 TeamMaleMrYuen Chung WingTYWTEC-2組TYWTEC9.933h 13mDone
T093隊伍 TeamFemaleMsEunice HoTYWTEC-2組TYWTEC9.933h 13mDone
T094隊伍 TeamFemaleMsYau Hoi Yi邱海怡貢下貢下又8KTo be verified
T094隊伍 TeamMaleMrChan Shing陳鋮貢下貢下又8KTo be verified
T095隊伍 TeamFemaleMsWannie HungSmall Acts (Wannie and Shirley)Small Acts HK10.464h 49mDone
T095隊伍 TeamFemaleMsShirley YeungSmall Acts (Wannie and Shirley)Small Acts HK10.464h 49mDone
T096隊伍 TeamFemaleMsYung Shuk Man容淑敏TYWTEC-1組TYWTECDone
T096隊伍 TeamFemaleMsWong Man YinTYWTEC-1組TYWTECDone
T097隊伍 TeamFemaleMsGean LamGBDone
T097隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChu Ka BoGBDone
T098隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLam Ka KeiCrazy BeautyDone
T098隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChao Pou ChuCrazy BeautyDone
T099隊伍 TeamFemaleMsWong Ka WengCrazy Beauty 2.09.121h 47mTo be verified
T099隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChoi Chong MengCrazy Beauty 2.09.121h 47mTo be verified
T100隊伍 TeamMaleMrRobert GrievesHamilton Advisors Team 1Hamilton Advisors LimitedDone
T100隊伍 TeamFemaleMsAnne LeBourgeoisHamilton Advisors Team 1Hamilton Advisors LimitedDone
T101隊伍 TeamFemaleMsAva Lo Sum YuetSweetie sistersDone
T101隊伍 TeamFemaleMsMax WongSweetie sistersDone
T102隊伍 TeamFemaleMsLeong Ka I梁嘉儀Crazy beauty39.171h 45mTo be verified
T102隊伍 TeamFemaleMsIeong Meng Lei楊明理Crazy beauty39.171h 45mTo be verified
T103隊伍 TeamMaleMrPeter Wong Pun Tei香港置業(1)香港置業13.343h 22mDone
T103隊伍 TeamMaleMrChow Sai Hong香港置業(1)香港置業13.343h 22mDone
T104隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChristina Cho Yuen Kum香港置業 (2)香港置業13.633h 30mDone
T104隊伍 TeamFemaleMsChelsea Cheng Cheng香港置業 (2)香港置業13.633h 30mDone
T105隊伍 TeamMaleMrRonald Wong Siu Ming美聯物業(1)美聯集團37.27h 55mDone
T105隊伍 TeamMaleMrKenneth Hui Wing Kwan美聯物業(1)美聯集團37.27h 55mDone
T106隊伍 TeamMaleMrEdmund Pang Man Ho美聯物業 (2)美聯集團Done
T106隊伍 TeamMaleMrChan Wai Lun美聯物業 (2)美聯集團Done
T107隊伍 TeamMaleMrLeo CheungAll day hiking8.587h 09mDone
T107隊伍 TeamFemaleMsSarch CheungAll day hiking8.587h 09mDone
T108隊伍 TeamMaleMrEdward NaylorAsia Circle #1Done
T108隊伍 TeamMaleMrPeter MartinAsia Circle #1Done
T109隊伍 TeamFemaleMsYip Kam Mui葉錦梅採購組To be verified
T109隊伍 TeamMaleMrKwok Hung Ki郭鴻基採購組To be verified
T110隊伍 TeamFemaleMsJenny McAlpineMighty MacsTo be verified
T110隊伍 TeamMaleMrRory McAlpineMighty MacsTo be verified
T111隊伍 TeamFemaleMsWing WaiBlack TrailDone
T111隊伍 TeamFemaleMsCodia FukBlack TrailDone