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1.      所有參加者/團隊可在2021年2月22日開始網上報名參加《登山善行》及捐款,並在2021年4月1日至4月30日23:59內一次過完成自選登山路線。及於「參加者帳戶」上載步行成績(注意:只限上載三次);

All participants/teams can start registering online for “Hike for Hospice” on 22 February 2021. Please complete the hiking trails you may choose upload the results on “Participant Dashboard” during the period from 1 April to 30 April 2021  (Note: Result uploading is limited to 3 times only).

2.      任何於截止日期前未能完成所選行程及上載紀錄,將不獲發任何電子證書及獎項,所有捐款及最低籌款額一律不設退款;

No record submitted before the deadline will be considered as incomplete race and will not be given e-certificates and awards.  All kinds of paid donation are non-refundable.

3.      參加者必須在一次行程中完成步程,不能分期進行;

Hiker must complete hiking course in its entirety in single attempt during the event period.

4.      參加者於步行時使用可記錄日期、時間及里數的手機應用程式(例如:TrailWatch, Strava, Garmin, Nike NRC等),完成後截圖並上載有關紀錄。

Participants use a mobile application with pedometer function (e.g. TrailWatch, Strava, Garmin, Nike NRC etc.) and record with date, time and distance, then take screenshots of the results and upload to your personal/team account at the FringeBacker website.

5.      每名參加者只能參與一個類別 (團體 / 個人);

Each participant may only take part in one category at each Hike (Team / Individual).

6.      本會將定時透過電郵發放最新活動消息,為避免錯失有關資料,所有參加者須向大會提供正確的電郵地址;

The Organizer will constantly provide update information about the event by email. All hikers are required to provide a valid email address for communication. Failure to do so may result in missing information dispatched by the Organizer.

7.      本會有絕對酌情權決定是否接受報名以及參加者的排名。如有爭議,以籌備委員會的裁決為準;

The Organizer has absolute discretion over the acceptance of enrollments and the ranking of all participants. In case of disputes, decision of the Organizer will be final. 

8.      登記後,所有參加者如欲更改個人資料或參賽路線,須電郵本會告知;

After enrollment, participants can make changes to the composition of the team and/or route by email to SPHC. 

9.      參加者於確認報名同時,已接受及同意遵守在此時及其後為讓活動順利進行而訂定之所有大會之條款及細則、規例及規則;

Upon submitting the enrollment form, an applicant agrees to accept all Terms and Conditions and agree to the Rules and Regulations as stipulated, and also to those that maybe later introduced by the Organizer to ensure a smooth operation of the event. 

10.      參加者須確保個人身體狀況適合參與是項活動。參加者於活動前後身體狀況為何,本會概不負責;

Hikers must ensure that they are physically fit to participate in the event. The Organizer takes no responsibility of participants’ health condition before and after the event.