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The 6th “Run for Survival” charity run, organised by Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) will return on 22 March 2020 at Pak Shek Kok Promenade. It aims to promote biodiversity and marine conservation, raising awareness on the threats faced by sea animals.

Participants will embark an adventurous journey to become Ocean Guardians after completing missions to save marine animals. Feel free to dress up with an ocean theme during the run to stir up the fun!

The obstacle run is suitable for runners in all ages and limits. More advanced runners and corporate teams could join the 10km individual Timed Challenge, while beginners or families could join 3km Fun Run.

What is more, participants can enjoy more fun and get tips on saving the earth at the mini game booths and workshops inside the Fun & Learn Centre.

Proceeds from this fundraising event will go to OPCFHK to support Asian wildlife conservation works. Invite your friends and family and register now for this charity run!

組別 Race Categories

Participants shall decide the race category based on their age as of 22 March 2020 (event date). 
*3公里同樂組不作計時賽及不設競逐獎項 。
3km Fun Run will not be a timed challenge and given any awards.   
* 10公里計時賽乃障礙賽,參加者需要完成賽道上的指定任務和障礙,所需時間有可能較傳統賽事為多。
Please note that 10 km Timed Challenge is an obstacle run, participants may take more time to finish the race than regular 10km run.

The Corporate Champion Cup 10 km Timed Challenge will only calculate the average time used by the top 4 runners in each team.


障礙賽關卡 Obstacle Challenges

A 逃出生天 Find the Way Out   
在錯綜複雜的迷宮尋找出口,體驗海洋生物如何在充斥大量垃圾的海洋掙扎求存。Navigate your way out the maze to experience how marine life struggles to swim across the ocean filled with abandoned fishing nets and marine trash. 

B 太平洋垃圾帶 The Great Pacific Garbage Patch 


Break through the hurdles representing the harsh underwater world near the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch." 

C 救救珊瑚礁 Help the Corals


Go across the tires indicating the devastating impact to the corals caused by deep-sea trawling and learn the importance of marine conservation. 

D 勇闖酸化海洋 Break through Acidic Ocean  


Acid rain is the result of pollution and soaring carbon emissions. Contaminated water falls into the ocean bringing adverse impacts to the aquatic ecosystem. Set off your exploration journey by climbing over the water slide and braving the rough sea.

E 海洋告急 Save the Ocean Victims 

After a journey of twists and turns, head to the Animal Rescue Centre and save the marine life from danger.

F 濫捕危機 Overfishing Danger


Overfishing causes drastic reduction on fish stocks, endangers the marine ecosystem.

Accomplish the final mission by choosing the recommended seafood choices from the Sustainable Seafood Guide. Make your way out the fish nets challenge and become a wise consumer.

2019 精彩回顧 Highlights in 2019
3公里及10公里障礙賽 3km & 10km Obstacle Race Course

智趣廊 Fun and Learn Centre

如有任何查詢,請致電3923 2157或電郵[email protected]與保育基金職員聯絡。

For event enquiries, please contact us at 3923 2157 or email to [email protected]