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記錄及上傳運動里數 Recording Results

1. 我可以如何紀錄我的運動里數? 

  • 你必須使用以下具有GPS功能的智能裝備/應用程式來記錄獲得的運動里數。每次上傳的運動里數記錄必須清楚顯示日期、距離 (以公里為單位,只接受整數輸入)、持續時間 (以分鐘為單位) 和運動路線, 並最少達1公里 。如上傳的運動里數記錄不能顯示日期,參加者必須確保在「參賽者帳戶」中填上正確的運動日期。主辦單位恕不接受跑步機記錄的運動里數。


How can I track my running mileage and time?

  • You must use the below GPS-enabled mobile devices/apps to record the mileage gained. Each mileage record uploaded must clearly show the date, distance (in KM, only integral number is accepted), duration (in minutes) and route, and must be of 1KM minimum. If the uploaded mileage record cannot show the exercise date, participant must record the correct Date in Participant Dashboard. The Organizer regrets that records from running machines/ treadmills will not be accepted.

Designated Apps for recording mileage:

(please refer to the screen cap above)

2. 我應該怎樣及何時上載我的運動里數記錄呢?

  • 你必須在2020113000:00123023:59之間以跑步 / 步行 / 遠足形式完成所選擇的挑戰路線,並登入「參賽者帳戶」,輸入完成日期、距離 (以公里為單位,只接受整數輸入) 和持續時間 (以分鐘為單位),及上傳運動里數記錄 (每次只能上傳一張截圖)。主辦單位將不會接受和驗證在上述時間以外上傳的記錄。你可以選擇在活動期間多次上傳運動里數記錄,唯每次運動里數需最少達1公里。重複上傳的運動里數記錄將會視為無效。主辦單位僅接受並驗證一個記錄。按此查看上載運動里數記錄步驟

When and how do I upload my mileage record?

  • You must run/walk/hike to complete the selected Virtual Route, input the date, distance (in KM, only integral number is accepted) and duration achieved (in minutes), and upload the corresponding mileage record (one file per upload only) in your Participant Dashboard within 00:00 on 30 November to 23:59 on 30 December 2020. Mileage records generated and uploaded outside the said period will NOT be accepted and verified by the Organizer. You must record a distance of 1 KM minimum per each time of upload. However, there is no maximum limit on the number of uploads throughout the event period and you can upload anytime before completing the entire virtual route. Duplicated records will be voided. Only one record will be accepted and verified by the Organizer. Click here to view the steps to upload mileage record.

3. 團隊及工商隊的運動里數如何記錄?

  • 團隊及工商隊的運動里數將以累計形式計算,每位隊員均可在其個人的「參賽者帳戶」上傳運動里數紀錄並輸入完成的距離和時間,為隊伍累積挑戰路線所需的總距離。團隊隊長及工商隊管理員均可以登入「參賽者帳戶」查看每位隊員上傳的成績,但每隊所累積的總距離和時間只會在活動排名表顯示。

How will the mileage of Teams & Corporates be calculated?

  • Mileage of Teams and Corporates will be calculated on a cumulative basis, i.e. mileage record upload by each member will contribute to the total mileage achieved by the team. After successful registration, each member is able to login to their personal Participant Dashboard to upload mileage records and enter the distance and duration achieved. Team leader of Teams and Corporate Admin or Corporate Teams could login his/her Participant Dashboard to view the results uploaded by each member. However, the total mileage and time achieved by each Team/ Corporate Team will only be shown on the Event Leaderboard .

4. 我上傳的運動里數記錄會被驗證嗎?

  • 主辦單位將會檢查及驗證所有參加者上傳的運動里數紀錄。如發現任何虛假運動里數紀錄,主辦單位保留刪除該虛假紀錄及取消參加者 / 參加隊伍贏取「亞洲萬里通」里數的權利。所有得獎者 (包括得獎團隊 / 工商隊隊伍中的所有隊員)需在2021118日或之前攜同存有運動里數紀錄的手提電話或智能裝備,親臨奧比斯香港辦公室核實獲獎資格。

Will my mileage records be verified?

  • The Organizer will check and verify all records uploaded by participants. The Organizer reserves the right to delete any ingenuine record and disqualify the participants from attaining any mileage award. All winners are also required to present in person the mileage record on mobile devices for Organizer’s checking before confirming the eligibility for the Asia Miles award on or before 18 January 2021.