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  1. 於此活動網頁報名參加。
  2. 成功報名的參加者將收到確認電郵通知。
  3. 參加者於網頁報名時需捐款$100或以上,亦可於報名後分享籌款專頁連結,呼籲捐款支持。





3.紀錄成績:於活動期間完成步行。「每天萬步行」—以智能手錶、計步器或手機應用程式記錄步行成績;「遠足健步行」—以手機應用程式記錄行山GPS路線圖如TrailWatch/ Relive/ Garmin Connect等,或於路線打卡點拍照以作證明。


5.分享步行照片:於社交平台分享步行照片,並加上活動標籤#PLKCharityWalk, @保良局及設定為公開貼文,亦可標籤你的朋友,與眾同樂。


Enrolment and Participation

1.Register: Register HERE with details on your participating category and activity.

2.Set up: Successful registrants can set-up dedicated fund-raising page in appeal for friends and families’ donation and support.

3.Record: Complete and record your selected activit(ies) with any smart devices, mobile apps or step-counter(if applicable).

4.Upload: Send us your record through uploading onto the campaign website in “Participant Dashboard”.

5.Share: Share with us your daily/trail walk photo on social media, set as a public post and tag #PLKCharityWalk, @Po Leung Kuk as well as your friends to spread the joy.

6.Collect: Upon finishing the campaign and verifying the result, participants will receive E-certificate and designated souvenirs when fund-raising target(s) are met.


  1. Please submit the minimum fundraising amount HK$100 along so as to complete the registration. Participants can set-up and share their own fund-raising page to further appeal for support from family and friends.
  2. Successful registrants will receive email confirmation.
  3. For the enrolment of Po Leung Kuk’s affiliated units, please contact your school/center directly.