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  • 隊伍及個人籌款獎:
    金 獎-籌款總額達港幣3萬元或以上
    銀 獎-籌款總額達港幣2萬元或以上
    銅 獎-籌款總額達港幣1萬元或以上
  • 個人「最高籌款獎」
  • 家庭「最高籌款獎」
  • 隊伍「最高籌款獎」
  • 隊伍「最高參與人數獎」


  • 「個人籌款獎勵計劃」:參加者凡籌款達$100/$500/$1,000或以上,可獲贈活動紀念品



  • Individuals or Teams:
    Diamond Award-Fund-raised $50K or above
    Gold Award-Fund-raised $30K or above
    Silver Award-Fund-raised $20K or above
    Bronze Award-Fund-raised $10K or above
  • Highest Donation Award (Individual)
  • Highest Donation Award (Family)
  • Highest Donation Award (Team)
  • Highest Number of Participants Award

Winners will be awarded the trophy at the presentation ceremony after the completion of the event.  The photos will be published in newspaper and event web pages.

  • In recognition of the fund-raising efforts of participants, a special souvenir will also be presented to individuals who raise a sum of $100/$500/$1,000 or above.

Participants who have registered and donated $100 or above will receive a gift pack including anti-epidemic product, moisturizing lip oil, healthy beverage

Participants who have raised $500 or above donation can get a special design cap; sun care package will also be awarded to those raised $1,000 or above donation