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The 9 Dragons Ultra is a challenging, multi-day trail ultra event taking place on the 31st of January to the 2nd of February 2020, in Hong Kong. 

The first race, starting at midnight on Friday, consists of an 82km (50 mile) trail run with a lofty 5070m of elevation gain. Sunday features an entirely different 50km course with a further 3550m of elevation gain.

Only 250 places will be available to runners who hope to aim to complete both events - The 9 Dragons 50/50 - and a further 250 will compete in either the 50 Miler (82km) or 50km race.  There will also be a 22k and 10k race each with 250 slots per race.


• Refunds will only be given if you pay a HK$100 race insurance during registration.  A full refund (minus any bank charges), will be given to any participant who would like a refund up until 1 November 2019.  From 2 November to December 31st, 50% refund will be granted. After 31st December no refunds given.

• Any runner who pays the race insurance fee, may defer with no charges to the 2021 race up until 31st December.

• Any runner who pays the race insurance fee, may change name on the registration with no charges up until 31st December

• Any woman who is notified of pregnancy and can produce a medical certificate stating such, may defer their race entry at any time up until race day to the 2021 race.

Entry Changes

• You may downgrade (eg. 50/50 to 50km or 50Mile) at anytime before 31st December provided that the respective race is not sold out.  No partial refunds for downgrading.

• You may upgrade your event eg. from 50km to 50Mile or 50/50 provided that the respective race is not sold out. You will need to cover the difference of the entry fee at the given date.

50/50, 50 Miles, 50 Kilometre, 24 Kilometre and 10 Kilometre Race Entry includes :

* Race Bib

* 9 Dragons Buff

* Food and drinks at the finish

* Experience one of the best events on the Asian Race Calendar