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All participants must complete the online registrationwith correct email address and whatsapp mobile number. Messages to participants will be delivered via whatsapp852-5502-5897.

2.參加者選擇挑戰項目(2公里/ 5公里 / 8公里),以及參加者的身分(個人/隊伍)。

Participants select and enrol their preferred race distance (2 km / 5 km / 8 km) and participant status (individual / team).

3.每名參加者最多可分開三個時段,完成已報名的挑戰項目(2公里/ 5公里 / 8公里)。

Each participant should complete their race distance (2 km / 5 km / 8 km) within 3 trials.

4.參加者最低籌款額Minimum donation amount


最低籌款額Minimum Donation



隊伍(2-15人)Team (2-15 persons )

HK$250(每位 per head


Any participant under the age of 18 must declare at the time of online registration that they have obtained the consent of their parents or guardians to participate in this event.


All team leaders must be aged 18 or above and make such declaration at registration.


All participants/teams must pay the minimum donation amount in full upon registration.


Minimum donation amount is the minimum fundraising target set for each participant. Participants can make additional donation to support Ebenezer so as to continue the best services for visually impaired children, students, youths and elderly.


All participants/teams can start registering online for “Walk with PRIDE” on 21 December 2020, and have to complete the chosen race distance, enter and upload the results on “Participant Dashboard” during the period from 24 December 2020 09:30 till 15 January 2021 23:59 (Note: Result uploading is limited to 3 times only).


Repeated uploading of results is deemed to be ineffective.


Records submitted after the deadline or record with mileage (km) that is less than the selected race distance will be considered as incomplete race and will not be given e-certificates and awards.  All kinds of paid donation are non-refundable

12.參加者於步行時使用可記錄日期時間及里數的手機應用程式(例如:TrailWatch, Strava, Garmin, Nike NRC等),完成後截圖並上載有關紀錄。

Participants use a mobile application with pedometer function (e.g. TrailWatch, Strava, Garmin, Nike NRC etc.) and record with date, time and distance, then take screenshots of the results and upload them.