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為加強「盲俠敢SEE隊」的救盲力量,奧比斯全新發掘3個支線任務向所有參加者作出挑戰!3個支線任務包括毅力、耐力及腳骨力的考驗,在121 - 31日期間完成支線任務即可獲得限量版任務襟章!


支線任務 1: 毅力考驗連續3日以跑步/ 步行/ 遠足 每日一次過完成3公里距離,任務成功可獲得藥丸襟章

支線任務 2: 耐力考驗 - 一次以跑步/ 步行/ 遠足完成10公里距離,任務成功可獲得驗眼工具襟章

支線任務 3: 腳骨力考驗運動時一次過登上300米高度的目的地*,任務成功可獲得訓練襟章



In addition to completing the main line distance challenge during 1-31 December 2021, participants can also complete 3 Bonus Missions to test their own perseverance, endurance and foot strength, and receive a Limited Edition Pin upon completing each mission.

Bonus missions Details:

Bonus Mission 1: Perseverance Test - Run / walk / hike to complete a distance of 3 kilometers at one time for 3 consecutive days for a Pills Pin

Bonus Mission 2: Endurance Test - Run / walk / hike to complete a distance of 10 kilometers at one time for an Eye Test Tool Pin

Bonus Mission 3: Foot Strength Test - Climb to a destination of 300 meters* in height at one time during exercise for a Training Pin

*The records uploaded must be able to show a maximum elevation of no less than 300m or the total elevation climbed is no less than 300m.